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I Enjoy Being Alone but Not Lonely

Learning how to do thing alone is something fun and excited. Since young, I love to live by my own. I dream about having an apartment where I can spend my quality time for myself. Listening to music, reading, watching drama, sleeping, traveling alone and etc. Being alone is not necessary lonely. I am loving… Continue reading I Enjoy Being Alone but Not Lonely

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Working Abroad

It was a long weekend. I took flight and reached a place which I have never been here before. I am excited and a little worry.  Driving a car with opposite direction signal and minimal power steering is quite frustrating. I have to step out from comfort zone and explore a place where people are… Continue reading Working Abroad


Default or Dreams?

You live your life by default or follow your dreams? I have been following my own choice since young. I decided to become a chemical engineer since high school but now I am doing a mechanical engineer job. Do I regret it? No, I don’t, but I get really tired recently due to work load.… Continue reading Default or Dreams?

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Do You Need Anti-Perspirant?

Lately I am having a mood swing. Reason: Work tension + Sickness × PMS  With a brain that works even when I sleep, I dreamed about thousand of ridiculous things. Miscarriage, having a baby, meet new friends which I never know them in reality, etc etc.  I am going to work on site starting from… Continue reading Do You Need Anti-Perspirant?

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Healthy Meal Challenge and Korean Language Learning

Hey all! Today is a great day because it is Thaipusam. Happy Thaipusam to all the Hindus and all the people who celebrate this festival.  Since I live in Malaysia, I can enjoy the holiday as well. I have used my holiday to learn Korean through Skype with a teacher in Korea. I won this… Continue reading Healthy Meal Challenge and Korean Language Learning

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Anti Ageing Starts from Mid 20s

I will turn 27 years old this coming October and I promise myself to take good care of my body and skin. I know that not every woman affords to spend hundreds and thousands ringgit every month for salon facial treatment or buying expensive skincare but I believe we can own great skin if you… Continue reading Anti Ageing Starts from Mid 20s